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We like to share the gospel with everyone in segments of short videos covering different topics as the Holy Spirit ministers to us and transforms our lives. Share it with your friends and family and don't forget to subscribe to our channel on Youtube for weekly updates.

- Point Of Existence -

Our point of existence determines the way we look at things around us and it determines the way we look at and treat people. Jesus knew where He was from and where He was going. In this video I talk a little about our point of existence. All we Got to do is make your point of existence our ultimate reality and see things fall into place because of the finished work of Christ

-The Blind Eyes Open-

After my bible college when my friend Solomon Durai and I went to minister at a meeting of blind people I saw Daddy's love heal this man! Our God lives. His heart is to heal everyone.

With Daddy God

- Benefits Of Anxiety -

We all do feel anxious at points of life be it everyday or every other day. I want to talk about the benefits of anxiety and what good comes out of us being anxious about the situation or circumstance we are in.

- Rest In The Lord -

What does resting in the Lord mean? does it mean clearing our mind and bing quiet or is it more than that? check out the video, this actually blessed me a lot when the Holy Spirit revealed this truth to me.

- Ocean -

Daddy God loves you endlessly just as the waves crashes on the beach and His presence is always surrounding you. You are included in the Trinity and all the goodness for your life comes out of the loving heart of our Daddy God. Just dwell in His love and experience His goodness in every situation in your life and see His hand guide you and protect you.

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- Solomon Durai-